FutSal program only runs from December - March


Why FutSal?

FutSal Practice

At CSB our Practices are unique. Giving every one of our players a Futsal ball to practice, helps them be constant with the ball.
Before getting into the Futsal pitch, we want to make sure our players have a high skill level for competitive Futsal Tournaments. This is why at CSB Futsal Practice we help master soccer skills in small time. Giving them various exercises with constant difficulty to improve every second they are practicing.
All practices are based on and built from expert and professional Coaches.


Why FutSal?

Youth players must experience playing futsal. At a young age, we always want players to be constant with the ball, and the only solution is to play futsal. Futsal has all the characteristics to make a player better. Playing in a 5v5 and small space environment, will help a player develop skill and faster decision making. Since Futsal plays with 5 players, it guarantees a player to have more touches and dribbles than real life soccer. Being more with the ball makes a player's confidence boost up, and improving their decision making.


CSB FutSal Curriculum

- 2-3 FutSal Practices
- Coordination / Fitness Practices
- Weekend Games.
- Friendly Scrimmages
- Travel Tournaments

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