TRAVEL TEAM | 7- 16 y/o

Travel Teams Ages 7- 16

Our Travel Team Program is designed for selected advanced players to compete in the highest level of youth soccer. The CSB Travel Team competes in the Cosmopolitan Soccer League, under the U.S. Soccer Federation. The aim is to give our students a challenging environment to thrive and become their best by employing all that they have learned. Travel Team Program is an elite program providing them with full-sided official games, and Travel Tournaments. Our ultimate goal for our Travel Teams is to have our players flourish, learn the game, be discipline, and compete to have a viable path to PRO


Program Structure

Players to be selected for our travel teams must have the following
- Born on 2015-2005
- Must have some experience
- Be able to practice 2-3 times a week
- Be committed to Saturday or Sunday Travel Games

Spring ( March - June)
Fall ( September - December )
- Friendly Scrimmages
- Holiday Tournaments
- FutSal Winter Season